Fresh. Functional. Sustainable

Let's talk ideas.

Step 1.

One of our design team members will meet with you at your home for a free consultation.  We'll discuss your wish list, outdoor lifestyle and budget.  You will receive a copy of the design proposal showing the design goals and the quotation for the landscape design.

Step 2.

Once we get the go ahead, a design team member will come back to your home to take measurements, grades and site photos.   We'll gather all the information we need to start designing your project.

Step 3.

At this point we present the 2D concept and discuss details and materials to complete the project.  This is where any revisions are made before finalizing the design.

2D Landscape Design

All projects start with a 2D Colour Concept.  During the concept plan things may change in order to completely and fully understand the site and it's limitations. Upon completion of the concept we can start on the master plan.